Welcome to Send.cm

Transfer large files securely

What is Send?

Secure, Simple, and Private. Our service is designed to prioritize secure and straightforward large file transfers while ensuring your privacy. With no registration required and free from ads and fees for basic use, experience a hassle-free way to share your files.

At Send.cm, we understand the value of your personal data. That's why we only collect essential information like your email, username, and IP address, necessary for our service. You can trust that your data is treated with utmost confidentiality and will never be sold.

The Journey to Our Name

Choosing “Send” was a no-brainer. It’s what we do best—helping you send files easily and quickly. It’s a common word everyone knows, reflecting the straightforward nature of our service. As for ".cm," it’s a snappy take on the classic ".com." We picked it for its simplicity and because it hints at what you’re used to, but it's shorter—just like our quick file-sharing process.

So there you have it: "Send.cm" stands for easy, fast, and secure file transfers, all in a name that’s simple to remember and use.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at Send.cm is threefold: keep it free, secure, and simple. We owe our existence to you, our valued customers, who use our service daily. That's why we're committed to being available 24/7, ready to assist, listen, and evolve our service based on your needs. Our vision is to integrate our service wherever our users are, making it as easy and seamless to use as possible.

Privacy and Security

To safeguard your privacy, we implement encryption from your device directly to our servers. Optionally, you can activate end-to-end encryption for storing your files, ensuring that only you, with your unique master key, can access them. Communication with our support team is secure and encrypted, especially when utilizing PGP Encryption. We rely on Proton services and FreeScout self-hosted helpdesk software for enhanced security.

For analytics, we use Matomo, which is also self-hosted, ensuring all your information remains within our company's ecosystem. The only external services we employ are Stripe and Mollie for payment processing and Cloudflare to shield our service from DDoS attacks. Additionally, hCaptcha helps us fend off brute force attacks and automated traffic. For comprehensive details, please visit our Privacy page.