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Transfer large files securely

Security & Privacy


2-Step verification, active logins, login notification


Secure your shared files or folder with a password.

TLS/SSL encryption

Encryption is applied when information is transferred from your device to the Send.cm servers.

End-to-end encryption

Uploads are encrypted on the browser side with an assymetric cryptography scheme based on a combination of industry-standard RSA2048 and AES128 algorithms.

Servers locations

Your data is stored in the EU. Germany, The Netherlands and France.

Email address

Only your email address is required to use our service.


Send.cm will only use cookies that are needed for your account.

We will never share/sell your data

Personal data we collect, (if provided) email address, ip address.


Web upload

Upload files directly from your browser.

Remote upload

Upload files hosted in other website.


Manage Send.cm automatically using our API.


Upload your files using any supported FTP client.

Drag and drop

Drop any selected folder or files into our upload page.

Share by email

Send uploaded file by email.

File password

Secure your uploaded files.


Remove your files automatically after minuten, hours, days or downloads.



Share any files using a unique download link. Example: https://send.cm/dpfnbvasoa7m


Share any folder by link or embed in your website.

Temporary link

Share generated (multiple) temporary links that expire after minuten, hours, days or downloads you have set.

QR Code

Share the qr code and scan the code to open the download link.


Secure your shared files or folder with a password.

Short url

Share your files and folder using a short url: send.cm/d/7f2

File order

Configure a default file order for your shared folder. By downloads for example.


Delete file automatically after minuten, hours, days or downloads.

More Features

Download speed, File size, Bandwidth

Archive management

Extract, Split, Delete, Remove password from rar/zip files.

Files preview & Embed

View and open your files online. Embed Audio files, videos and folders.


View your downloads and sales by day, months, years.


24/7 by email. Live chat. All languages.