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Personal Usage

Download: Experience swift data transfer between devices with our platform, ensuring you can securely share any file with family or friends. At Send, privacy comes first; we prioritize your security by avoiding the use of tracking services, cookies, or ads.

Backup: Starting at just 9.99 EUR per month for 10 TB (10000 GB), our service offers an affordable way to protect all your personal data. Enjoy unlimited backups with no restrictions on file size or bandwidth, and rest assured that any file type is supported.


Large files: Graphic designers, videographers, and freelancers across various fields rely on our platform for its exceptional reliability and convenience in sharing large files with clients. Our service streamlines the sharing process, offering enhanced efficiency and ease of use.

Unique Download Links: We offer the ability to create multiple unique download links for a single file, facilitating easier access management. This feature is particularly beneficial for freelancers who need to share files with different clients while maintaining control over access.

Storage: Storage start at 10 TB, freelancers can store a large number of files for only 9.99 EUR per month, along with unlimited bandwidth. This exceptional offering ensures you have ample space for all your projects, with the flexibility to expand your storage capacity anytime for just 2 EUR per additional 1 TB. It's an ideal solution for those needing extensive storage for their work, at an unbeatable value.

Bandwidth: Our service provides unlimited bandwidth, enabling you to share an endless number of files without any restrictions. This feature ensures that your large files can be sent and received swiftly, without worrying about hitting a cap. It's particularly beneficial for freelancers and professionals who frequently share high-resolution images, videos, and large documents, facilitating smooth and efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues.

App Developers

API Integration: App developers and owners prefer our file hosting service for its robust API, which facilitates seamless integration with any software. This support ranges from file uploads to direct downloads, streamlining the development and distribution process.

File Sharing: Sharing files is simplified through the generation of short URLs and QR codes, making it easier for end-users to access and download software and resources.

Content Preview: Our platform enables easy previews of images and streaming of videos, enhancing the user experience by allowing quick access to content without the need for downloads.

Analytics Tools: Additionally, our analytics tools provide insights into file downloads, offering valuable feedback on user engagement and helping developers understand their audience better.

Educators and Students

Folder Sharing: Our service enhances collaboration between educators and students by enabling secure folder sharing. With the option to add a password, sharing educational materials becomes both seamless and secure.

Temporary Link Generation: Temporary link generation, featuring customizable expiration dates, ensures controlled access to files, safeguarding them against unauthorized access.

Email Sharing: Our integrated email service simplifies file sharing, allowing users to effortlessly distribute materials via email, enhancing the ease of communication and collaboration.